is an audio play created by Katrin Albrecht & Marie von Heyl
sound design by Erik Medeiros

Main Characters:

The Object
Is of unknown origin and use but has been around for some time. A misanthrope with philosophical tendencies, it comments on the events that it gets caught up in. Although being conscious and sometimes even showing human qualities such as jealousy or nostalgia (which it would never admit) it remains passive and without agency, an observant.

Susan Fairgrieve
Elderly lady, collects figurines and knick knack passionately, but without any sophisticated tactic. Purchased the object via eBay years ago, following a hunch. Over the years her hope that it might turn out to be valuable slowly grew into conviction and now she wants to make a real job of it.

Chef, runs the canteen of the conference centre. Was kidnapped by the much older Hardy twenty years ago, when she was a young and beautiful woman, developed Stockholm Syndrome and eventually married him. Now she is a middle aged and practical person. Occasionally grows nostalgic about the past, especially about the strength and determination that her husband used to show but is lacking now.

Persephone’s husband and helper in the kitchen. Old and feeble, walks on crutches. Used to run a business, the funeral parlour Cradle&Son which he had to give up due to his growing unease of having to deal with dead people and their relatives. Obsessed with his health, convinced vegetarian and afraid of anything that reminds him of death. Never leaves the kitchen. Persephone is his only connection to the world.

Dr. Carl Copper
A formerly well respected archeologist, preeminent in his field. His engagement with ancient artefacts lead him to believe that science doesn’t exhaust objects and developed theories that weren’t taken seriously in the scientific community. Lost his reputation and eventually his wife Rosanna. Now he lives and works in the conference centre, a self claimed “expert” who hovers about the changing congresses and fairs, eager to share his doubtful theories.

Rosanna Oro
Chemist from Italy, committed scientist, specialised in age determination of ancient artefacts. Daughter of a mentally fragile mother and a father who made a living out of house sitting and his ability to talk to the dead. Developed an aversion for anything metaphysical and only takes the measurable for facts. Met Dr.Copper some 10 years ago at an excavation in Rome, where they instantly fell in love an got married. Divorced him when he lost his reputation as a serious scientist but never got over him.


Talk series curated by Marie von Heyl & Rosemary Hogarth


Olia Lialina, Delphine Bedel, Stefan Heidenreich, Jai McKenzie, Elise Lammer, Eva Wilson, Adele Morse, Elvia Wilk.

Lately the Internet has been flooded with images of celebrities with unnatural white patches on their faces. This was caused by HD powder: A cosmetic product, especially designed to make skin look immaculate on HD. However, its unsuitability for flashlight means that, when photographed this way, the powder reflects too much light, producing the above mentioned effect. This altering of reality in order to live up to HD technology exemplifies a privileging of the image over the photographed object that can also be observed in the production of artworks today. Likewise the distribution of images online, which brings forth unlimited copies, variations and memes, challenges the traditional relationship between reality and representation. Many questions pop up at the intersection of objects, digital imagery and their dissemination: What is the HD powder of the art world? How do artists deal with scarcity and abundance in regard to digital imagery? Can we still talk about an original and its copies or is every copy also an original?

The talk series consisted of four events and concluded in October 2014






A screening night in which visitors watch random films from Ubuweb using Ubu-Roulette, a tool conceived by artists Marie von Heyl and Joachim Stein.
The tool randomizes in real-time the vast collection of video art found on Kenneth Goldsmith’s Ubuweb to create surprising cross-connections between works and people.

The event takes place once a month in Berlin (sign up here for the mailing list) and travels internationally as a pop-up night. Past venues include Eyebeam, New York and the Exeter Phoenix, UK.