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Talk series curated by Marie von Heyl & Rosemary Hogarth


Olia Lialina, Delphine Bedel, Stefan Heidenreich, Jai McKenzie, Elise Lammer, Eva Wilson, Adele Morse, Elvia Wilk.

Lately the Internet has been flooded with images of celebrities with unnatural white patches on their faces. This was caused by HD powder: A cosmetic product, especially designed to make skin look immaculate on HD. However, its unsuitability for flashlight means that, when photographed this way, the powder reflects too much light, producing the above mentioned effect. This altering of reality in order to live up to HD technology exemplifies a privileging of the image over the photographed object that can also be observed in the production of artworks today. Likewise the distribution of images online, which brings forth unlimited copies, variations and memes, challenges the traditional relationship between reality and representation. Many questions pop up at the intersection of objects, digital imagery and their dissemination: What is the HD powder of the art world? How do artists deal with scarcity and abundance in regard to digital imagery? Can we still talk about an original and its copies or is every copy also an original?

The talk series consisted of four events and concluded in October 2014



A screening night in which visitors watch random films from Ubuweb using a webtool conceived by artists Marie von Heyl and Joachim Stein. The tool randomizes in real-time the vast collection of video art found on Kenneth Goldsmith’s Ubuweb to create surprising cross-connections between works and people.

The event takes place  in Berlin and travels internationally as a pop-up night. Past venues include Eyebeam, New York and the Exeter Phoenix, UK.