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A HOLE IS BEING GNAWED IN MY VITALS (says Sappho) Kommentare deaktiviert für A HOLE IS BEING GNAWED IN MY VITALS (says Sappho)

(2020) Performance with Fette Sans, duration: 7 hours In „A hole is being gnawed in my vitals (says Sappho)“ Marie von Heyl and Fette Sans performed the excesses and exhaustions of language. The 7 hour long non-stop conversation circled around the redundancy of desire, the porous body, exorcisms and cravings of love and the leaking […]


(2019) HD video, 6 min An attempt to make sense of the self turns into an obsessive desire to take stock of the various fragemented impressions and reflections of the body in an unfamiliar environment.

AFTER THE PARTY Kommentare deaktiviert für AFTER THE PARTY

(2018) HD video, 7 min »After The Party« is a lament over the loss of certainty. In the video a nostalgic voice mourns a bygone era: a time before humans were bereaved of their mastery and it seemed still possible to neatly divide the world into observing subjects and objects of observation.


  (2016) HD video, 5 min Building on the tradition of artist manifestos this video employs the many-voiced pronoun WE to express thoughts about subject-object relationships and gives a defiant defence of the commodity against the return of the hand-made.

The Ease of Handling Kommentare deaktiviert für The Ease of Handling

  The Ease of Handling is a multi-media installation showing a series of looped videos on iPads attached to glass screens. A pair of gloved hands strokes a selection of objects, an act equally evocative of art handling, pantomime and the fetish of subject-object relations.

The Occasional Table Series Kommentare deaktiviert für The Occasional Table Series

  (2014) fine art inkjet prints, 40 x 30 cm Everyday objects covered with grey spray-paint look at a first glance as if they might be computer generated. Only on a closer look do small »flaws« or unevenness become visible. The misused use-objects exist somewhere on the cusp of being and seeming, between practicality and […]

L.M.F.A.O. Kommentare deaktiviert für L.M.F.A.O.

2014, video installation, 1.45 min HD video, looped, dimensions variable The moustache of this Mona Lisa reveals itself as a caterpillar when it starts moving and crawling out of the shot. The title is Internet-slang for “Laughing My Fucking Ass Off” and puns on the original title of Duchamps moustached Mona Lisa L.H.O.O.Q.. Save Save

Being an Item Kommentare deaktiviert für Being an Item

(2014) wally dogs, tassels

Interior 0

2012 music: Tied and Tickled Trio / Aelita

Of Occasional Tables and Alternative Endings Kommentare deaktiviert für Of Occasional Tables and Alternative Endings

  solo show at Phoenix Gallery, Exeter, UK  2014 For this exhibition an on-going interest in domestic interiors and mundane objects is explored through the English term occasional table (a small, typically folding table with no specific function). The phrase resonates with the artist’s suspicion that an object may posses multiple states of being, independent […]

WYSIWYG Kommentare deaktiviert für WYSIWYG

2014, HD video, 9.18 min In this video the loaded term creation is explored by bringing together a chatroom conversation, a 3D modelling software, an abondened house in Scotland and a 17th century print.

WYSIWYG II Kommentare deaktiviert für WYSIWYG II

(2013) wally dog, collages Artists at Glenfiddich, installation view, Dufftown, Scotland 2013 Save Save

Cabinet Kommentare deaktiviert für Cabinet

Cabinet is a series of digital prints created with the 3D modelling software Sketchup. Virtual found objects were assembled to digital installations. (2013) fine art inkjet prints, dimensions variable

Forest of Legs Kommentare deaktiviert für Forest of Legs

Installation view, Royal Academy of Arts, 2013

Interlude Kommentare deaktiviert für Interlude

digital video 3.08 min, looped Music: Russian Dance by Tom Waits