Of Occasional Tables and Alternative Endings



solo show at Phoenix Gallery, Exeter, UK  2014

For this exhibition an on-going interest in domestic interiors and mundane objects is explored through the English term occasional table (a small, typically folding table with no specific function). The phrase resonates with the artist’s suspicion that an object may posses multiple states of being, independent from its common use. After all, if an object becomes a table only on occasion, what are its alternatives; what else may it be at other times?


Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 09.09.59

Houseshare (2014) a large text work, printed on a spool of black paper that spills out onto the floor of the gallery reproduces an obsolete online chat-room thread regarding a contestant on the 2012 Big Brother TV show, nicknamed “the occasional table”. Removed from its original context, a new narrative is suggested whereby the occasional table’s motivations and purpose in ‘the house’ are discussed, perhaps by its fellow domestic furniture, here recast as sentient characters.